My name is Kathy Keh, and I thank you for coming to visit our website!
For those of you who don't know us, we are a beautiful boutique and
Classical Feng Shui consulting services business located in Sarasota,
, USA. We are 100% dedicated to helping people create more joy
and satisfaction in their lives, and we do this by sharing what we know
about keeping the mind, body and home healthy. Ultimately, our mission
is to help people be open to new possibilities for a brighter life
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Welcome to Bright Life!
If you come to visit us you will immediately be immersed in the healing energy of the place
itself which has been thoroughly enriched through the application of Classical Feng Shui.
Every product sold in the boutique has been carefully vetted, and either improves our ability
to be more positive thinkers or strengthens, stimulates and supports our e
nergy system.
Our goal is to create an experience that is 100% healing and 100% educational. We share
years of research with our customers
by holding workshops year round on various types of
energy based healing systems
. I have been told that this is one of the last few retail spaces
that really does j
ustify an in person visit. Please click on the “About” page to find out more
about us, and I hope you will come visit us soon!!!