My name is Kathy Keh, and I thank you for coming to visit our website! For those of
you who don't know us, we are a
Classical Feng Shui Consulting Services business
as well as beautiful, one of a kind boutique located in Sarasota, Florida, USA.
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We are 100% dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health and wellness
within themselves, as well as in the living and work environments that they spend
most of their time in. All the
Educational Workshops we run as well as all the
products we carry help to enhance the quality of energy that flows inside of us
(through our chakras and meridians), as well as the quality of energy that surrounds
us (through the application of Classical Feng Shui).
As a Classical Feng Shui Consultant and Aura-Soma Practitioner my mission is to
help people be open to new possibilities for a brighter, more joyful and fulfilled life. I
hope you will join me on this fascinating exploration into the world of energy!